Performance Salons in the Finnish Hall Meeting Room are a seasonal occurring event providing critical space for artists to experiment and show works-in-progress. Organized by a volunteer team of artists — Catherine Caraker, Diana Lara, Miriam Wolodarski, and Andy Lundberg— for artists, salons have been taking place since 2014, usually 3 or 4 times a year— . Over time, we have developed a unique feedback method that allows for written and verbal feedback to take place anonymously and/or in small groups. It’s useful for artists and enjoyable for audiences.
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Join us on Facebook to stay up to date, and join us in person at upcoming salons: July 1, September 27, and November 22!
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The First Salon of 2019 was on Friday February 22 @ 8PM!
It featured Nicole Peisl, Hannah Ayasse, and a special improvisational group experiment on the Tuning Score, lead by Cathie Caraker

***Future Dates are: July 1, September 27, and November 22 (Subject to change)***

Participating Artists

Meg Anderson, Kevin Dockery, Stacey Goodman, Amy Kingwill, Diana Lara with Joy Cosculluela, Gizeh Muñoz, Los Little Guys (Dimitri Kalaitzidis & Eric Elizondo), Judit Navratil, Molly and Aviva Rose-Williams, Randy Reyes, Debbie Taylor, Amelia Uzategui-Bonilla

Liz Boubion, Joy Cosculluela, Lisa Fay with Qilo Matzen, Aura Fischbeck with Arletta Anderson, Christy Funsch and dancers, Rosemary Hannon with Diana Lara and Mindy Zarem, Karla Quintero, Molly Rose-Williams, Andy Strain

Zack Bernstein/ Rajendra Serber, Kosta Bogoievski, Nuria Bowart, Nicole Casado with Maribel Lopez, Soleil Chappelle, Dasha Che, Lila Ann Dodge, Juliana Mendonca/Raíz de Agua, Sam Stone, Kira Kirsch, Minna Kartunnen, Elise Knudson, Vitali Kononov, Kevin Dockery, Utam Moses, Megan Lowe, Sonsheree Giles, Morgan True, Amy Kingwill, Adrian Wong, Joe Kreiter, Angela Vos, Hannah Wasiliewski

Miriam Woldodarski with Rosemary Hannon, Emily Leap, Phoenicia Pettyjohn, Andy Lundberg, Kevin Dockery, and Leslie Castellano, Elio Scudieri, Brandon Stewart, Chani Bockwinkle, Hannah Wasiliewski

Leslie Castellano/ Kevin Dockery/ Cameron Kelly, Vitali Kononov, Rosemary Hannon/Cathie Caraker/ Diana Lara/ Utam Moses, Phoenicia Pettyjohn