Bhumi will be developing a new dance theater work taking the form of a decolonized tea party, exploring the relationship between borders, colonization, and equity within the arts to dig into acknowledging the uncompensated labor that is done on the part of folks of color just to move through the world.

JOIN US for public performances on November 16 & 17
Stay tuned to this page for updates on showings, movement classes, and other events!

Bhumi B. Patel creates queer, feminist movement art that holds the focus of creating movement at the intersection of embodied philosophy and dynamic sensation taking precedence over stagnant form. 


@ The Finnish Hall

AAIR applications for 2020 will open in December.

We are in favor of ridding the arts of unnecessary bureaucracy.  Here are our simple application requirements.  

Submit to finnish.hall@gmail.com:

  • 250-500 words describing the project in as straightforward and informative language as possible.
    Make sure to include specifics on what kind of free offering(s) to the public you would make at the hall.

  • 1 paragraph about each of the lead artists or activists. Please include links to your websites whenever possible.

  • Clear and succinct information about your scheduling options: what times are you interested in using the hall?
    PLEASE NOTE: The A&AIR is "off calendar", meaning your times are not public on the hall calendar, and you will be bumped to another space or time if there is a rental conflict. We do our best to schedule residents such that this does not happen often. Check the calendars on finnishhall.org for reference.

  • Max. 3 pieces of supporting documentation: photos, text samples, videos, other. Please provide clear credits for all aspects of your work samples, and briefly contextualize the documentation in relation to your proposal.

(*A&AIR went on maternity leave for 2018. )

Fall 2017 Residents:
Creative Liberation Workshop Series! (CLAWS)

Jess Clarke/ Reimagine! will organize a creative laboratory for performance pieces integrating dance and movement with storytelling and Theater of the Oppressed, dealing with connection and separation of kindred peoples: Latino migrants with families across borders (Karina Muñiz), African Americans in a new diaspora (Jarrel Phillips), Japanese Sansei unwinding internment trauma (Angela Urata), and queer Catholics breaking with Irish patriarchy (Jess Clarke). Jiwon Chung will facilitate the open workshops and rehearsals using techniques from Theater of the Oppressed and Playback Theater. The public will be invited to the open rehearsals and to the final performance for this series, which we are callingCollaborative Liberation Arts Workshop Series (CLAWS).

jess clark pics.jpg




Spring 2017 Residents

Randy & Gabe join forces to bring us Club* (*kiss my wrist / cross yr heart),  (formerly Pu$$y Pop for Jesus / Ballsacrilegious,)  a tongue-in-cheek spin-off on traditional Sunday Services that intends to queer the memory-space-time of “Sunday mornings” by disseminating spiritual and non-spiritual texts, building queer spiritual ecologies, warm-up/praise and Serwoman sermon/intention-setting, yoga, dance improvisation, and shaking our @$$es to celebrate our individual and collective resilience.  

*** SUNDAY JUNE 18  ***
Club* (*kiss my wrist / cross yr heart)
6PM Potluck
Invocations: 7:30pm
Performance-Sermon: 8pm


About the Residency

This residency is an offer of space and time for artists and/or activists to make use of The Finnish Hall community center. We offer approximately 50 hours over the course of 2 to 4 months for rehearsals, meetings, or events, during times when the hall is not otherwise rented. We hope to offer these residencies twice a year going forward. The program is curated and administered by Sense Object.

We always receive a large number of applications for this program, and the selection process is always difficult. Big thanks and lots of encouragement go out to all those who have applied.  We recognize that our community is in need of increased space and resources, and we want to do more. May the Bay Area continue to thrive as an incubator of engaged and experimental art!  

We are flexible about the scope of the projects we host, and open to a variety of formats, intents, and stages of work.  We encourage innovative proposals that are interdisciplinary, community based, or DIY, and also welcome performance companies seeking to experiment or research new work.  We ask that at some point in the residency, residents share the fruits of their labor with the public in some way. This could take a variety of forms: a performance, a lecture, a publication, an open class, a community meal, workshop, or something else!  

Note that the hall has very limited technical resources.  While residents are welcome to use our audio equipment, rudimentary theatrical lighting, and video projector, it falls to you to procure any technical assistance you may need.  We will also ask that you be good stewards of the space. For more information about this awesome building, including availability calendars and rental information, visit finnishhall.org

The A&AIR is a 100% volunteer run program with no funding besides its donated space. We ask residents to be flexible and cooperative.  Sense Object is a fiscally sponsored project of Dancers' Group, and accepts tax deductible donations to fund programs like this one— see link at the bottom of this page. We welcome donations, suggestions, and recommendations for how to expand this offering, and make more sustainable for everyone.



2016- 2017 Miakoda Taylor/ Fierce Allies, www.fierceallies.com
2016 Sasha Petrenko/ New Urban Naturalists, www.sashapetrenko.orgwww.thenewurbannaturalists.org
2015 Megan Lowe, Never Finished
2015 Tove & Dag Andersson, Miss U, www.shakeitlab.com
2014 - 15 Leslie Castellano & Kevin Dockery, Soft Reigns Feral Feral, www.feralferal.org
2014 - 15 Sam Stone in collaboration with Nuria Bowart, Rosemary Hannon, Sophia Chudacoff, Chani Bockwinkel, and Miriam Wolodarski,  ASIS. 

Leslie Castellano & Kevin Dockery's  "Soft Reigns, Feral Feral"  in the Finnish Hall Meeting Room, January 2015.  Photo Credit: Robbie Sweeney

Leslie Castellano & Kevin Dockery's "Soft Reigns, Feral Feral" in the Finnish Hall Meeting Room, January 2015.
Photo Credit: Robbie Sweeney