“Men Listening To Women”
December 7-9, 8PM
Dance Mission Theater

choreography & direction: Miriam Wolodarski
performance: Megan Lowe & Rosemary Hannon
presented by Scott Wells & Dancers as part of the “Consent Forms” Evening

More Info:

“The ear hears, the brain listens, the body senses vibrations.” —Pauline Oliveros

Listening is emotional labor, gendered labor, uncompensated labor.  Listening is female. Is listening female? Hillary Clinton is universally considered by those who know her to be a good listener, one who is able to absorb vast amounts of detailed information. This trait becomes a liability when running for public office because we conceive of executives as doers, and doing as firm, and firmness as masculine, and women as soft, and listening as soft. Is listening soft? This piece, made at the invitation of Scott Wells, famous for dances for men, listens to a number of extraordinary women, plus a couple of horrible ones for good measure, to plumb the depths and shallows of what listening might be, of what a woman might be.