Teaching is a natural extension of performance research, and also a community building activity.  Over the years I've had the pleasure of teaching improvisation, contact, composition, and physical theater through Earthdance, FRESH Fest, Canadian International Dance Improvisation Festival, Sierraville CI Festival, West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam, CounterPULSE, Interkinected, Nono Dance, 7thHeaven Yoga, Naropa University, UC Davis, Rocco Dance, TragantDansa, Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Escoles Betlem, VERGE fest, and ODC Dance Commons.  

Principles, Recurring Themes, Components, Ideas and Ideals :

·       Emphasize rigor in Contact Improvisation to engender skill, presence and innovative movement

·       Dialogue with students to foster safe and communicative learning environments

·       Tailoring to a wide range of experience through clear articulation of principles

·       Accommodate and incorporate differently abled dancers

·       Introduce experiential anatomy to contemporary dancers as a basis for falling and lifting technique

·       Lead bilingual workshops (English, French, Spanish, Catalan, or Swedish) and/or provide translation for foreign dancers

·       Combine circus, dance, physical theater, visual composition and contemplative practices to open up possibilities

·       Draw connections between Viewpoints,  Contact Improvisation, and image work based in Butoh and Grotowski traditions

·       Use permaculture principles to discuss ethics of sustainability in dance and performance practice

·       Build ensemble feeling

·       Incorporate historical perspectives, address lineage and tradition, and introduce critical theory to contemporary work