Artist in Residency program at Climate Theater, 2010

..Lucky indeed is the cook with the gift of tongues. No matter from which source – beef, calf, lamb or pork – smaller tongues are usually preferable. To carve tongue, cut through at the bump parallel to the base. If the tongue is to be served hot, drain, plunge it into cold water and skin and trim it by removing the roots, small bones and gristle.  It is attractive served in Aspic.

Dance Machine (United Nations Dance Jeopardy)

A polyglot's question and answer oracle service.

Premiered at the Encuentro of The Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics in Buenos Aires.

Aliens On ICE: borderline dreaming in America

an ensemble performance made during and about the building of the wall between the USA and Mexico.  


Creation and Direction: Miriam Wolodarski

Performers: Caitlin Bargenquast, Cheryl Burns, Eliza Ladd, Paul Montgomery, Miriam Wolodarski

Naropa University,  MFA in Contemporary Performance, 2007


This was the last honest-to-god play I ever directed.  A production of Shakespeare's Scottish play from 2006 featuring lots of puppets, ventriloquism, aerial dance, a violinist, and a microwave oven. Raphi Soifer played Macbeth, Krista Fatka his lady, and Gabrielle Wolodarski made all the incredible puppets and props.