MIRIAM WOLODARSKI:  | mɪrɪəm vlodɑrski |

1 a performance person directing, performing, and teaching in the SF Bay Area, holding a Master of Fine Arts in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Uppsala Universitet, and a banana in her left hand. Believes in dance and performance as a contemplative practice for both creator and observer, heavily influenced by the principles of Dharma Art as outlined by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, the psycho-somatic disciplines of Jerzy Grotowski’s lineage of poor theate, post-modern US-American dance, Viewpoints, and by experiential anatomy as transmitted to her by masters of BMC and The Axis Syllabus. Currently making her own work, and dancing for Scott Wells & Dancers. Has previously worked with the astounding Barbara Dilley in the improvisational ensemble Desolate Delight, as well as with other dance/theater/performance wonders including Karl Frost, Katarina Erikson, Sarah Shelton Mann, Rosemary Hannon, Carol Katz, and others.

2 a freelance writer, translator, and phonetician with experience working for Rosetta Stone and CTB McGraw Hill, among others.

3 an arts organizer, manager of the Finnish Brotherhood Hall in Berkeley, California, and co-curator of the Con|VERGE Residency at Ponderosa Tanzland in Stolzenhagen, Germany, and the Studio 210 Residency in San Francisco, California. On the organizing team for the West Coast Contact Improvisation Festival since 2012.


SENSE OBJECT |sens ˈäbjəkt|

1a Buddhist term from the Pali Canon denoting external somethings that the mind and body interact with; part of the twelve links in the chain of co-dependent arising.

2 a catch-all for collaborative arts and community efforts that I spearhead. The name was collaboratively coined with dancer/juggler Zack Bernstein in 2011. 


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