“Verbal false limb: an expression that is artificially inflated to be longer and more important-sounding than it actually is.”

This performance description will fail;
our hearts are at the tips of our tongues.
We read the papers, parsing the sanitization and distancing of tragedy, the rationalization of terror and injustice through euphemism and legal jargon, wading through the heaps of absurd propaganda, the politesse, the vulgar images of violence and eroticism. We are powerful and helpless, words under our fingernails and grammar stuck between our teeth.
What does it mean to mean it? What’s the sense of making sense? — Let’s dance. The body never lies, until someone dares to ask what it’s all about.
Intellectual conundrum made visceral, we dance, roll, wrestle, hurl ourselves at one other. The truth is neither here nor there, in both places at once, and nowhere to be found.

Of Limb and Language is a game show, a communicational tragicomedy, a brutal love affair between semantics and somatics.


Of Limb & Language was created in 2012/2013 as part of the Artist in Residence commissioning program at CounterPULSE.

Excerpts were also performed at Performance Mix Festival in NYC and at Synapsis in Eureka.

The full on video is online.

Concept and Direction: Miriam Wolodarski

Performers: Leslie Castellano, Kevin Dockery, Rosemary Hannon, Andrew Lundberg, and Miriam Wolodarski

Caution Tape: Gabrielle Wolodarski