"Fall Work" was developed with the support of TragantDansa and Centre Cívic Barceloneta, in fall 2013/ winter 2014.

It had its San Francisco premiere at ODC as part of SPF7 2015.  

It has been variously performed as a solo, a solo with a cameo by Daniel Bear Davis, and as a duet with Kevin Dockery.


From the artist:

" A contemporary performance, concerned with immediacy and reality. We turned all the lights on, but you can’t see us. You don’t see us. You see the light that’s reflected off us. We are not the light that you see. I wish we could be. I wish we could explode into rainbows. But if we approached the speed of light, from your frame of reference we would shorten in the direction we were going until we would basically disappear. And then what would be the point of having a performance? "



From the press:

"...a wild woman whose anarchy is meticulously timed as she works her way toward a gradual revealing of herself as a mount of raw flesh. " — Rita Felciano, SF Bay Guardian

Photos by Chani Bockwinkle